Can I test the kite equipment? 

Yes free of charge you can test kites and boards at the Wind Riders centers at Lake Garda. 

Why are you selling? 

We sell all our equipment at the end of the year because we have contracts supplying us with new equipment every year. 


In what condition are the kites?

All kites are used only on Lake Garda. This is a fresh water lake. Here we kite from a boat so the kite has never been in contact with a sandy beach. The benefit is that you will find no grain of sand, inside your kite. (Sand grains can cause damage to bladders, our kites don't have that problem). We dry the kites after every session in a none windy area. For this reason the trailing edge of all kites is still in perfect conditions. Kites that dry flapping on the beach often have the problem that the trailing edge is streched. Our kites still have there original shape. 


What if my kite arrives different than expected? 

We try to be really clear about the condition of the kite equipment. If we have misted a damage or a repair than we will compensate you or replace the equipment (shipment costs for our charge). 


How long does it take the ship?

In Europe 3 days. We ship everything tracked with UPS. 

The Kahoona for sale:



What to expect from the Kahoona:


-       Huge windrange. The windrange is about 10 knots per kite.


In detail:


o   5,5 Kahoona: 25/35 knots

o   7,5 Kahoona: 20/30 knots

o   9,5 Kahoona: 15/25 knots

o   11,5 Kahoona: 12/22 knots

o   13,5 Kahoona: 8/ 18 knots.


Based on a rider of 75 kilo’s. For every 10 kilo you weight more or less, minus or add 4 knots. So for example a 55 kilo woman can use an 11.5 Kahoona perfect in 8 knots of wind.


This huge windrage of the Kahoona results in that you only need 2 kites to cover most conditions so that you will almost never have to say no to a kitesession. For an rider of 75 kilo’s a 9,5 and a 13,5 Kahoona will cover a wind rage from 8 to 25 knots!


-       Huge Depower


For  less power it is in most situation enough to push the bar up to almost complete depower the kite. If you are using the kite in the upper end of it’s windrage than you use the depower. When the Kahoona is depowered it still response well to steering imputs.


A big depower is very useful when you are standing on the beach and walking in to the water. Or leaving the water because it has gotten to windy. The Kahoona will have you safely get back on shore without pulling you of your feet thanks to the huge depower.


-       Easy relaunch


Because of it’s Delta shape it has a great relaunch also in light wind.  Besides an easy relaunch this kites has an auto relaunch function it turns it self around and sits on the edge of the wind window. Ready to go up in the air when you are ready.


-       All round kite.


The Kahoona is great to use for beginners  up to beginner freestyle. When you start to master your unhooked tricks and kiteloops than it is time to move to a more freestyle/ wakestyle orientated kite. If you are just learning to jump, or making backrolls or boosting big air. The Kahoona will make it easy for you.


The Kahoona is a great wave kite thanks to the instand depower when you push the bar away and the good responding.


The same behavior of the kite makes it a good snowkite. Good depower when you are going downhill but still responsive.


For the going uphill it is great that the Kahoona has a small turning circle and a good consistent pull.


-       It’s a safe kite


In combination with the 2013 bar you have ultimate safety. When you activate the quick releash the kite hangs on one front line in a flagged out mode. This makes it easy to perform a self rescue.



Why wait? Get a Kahoona and start having more sessions with progression in every session!




The kites Wind Riders sells:


The kites we sell are used on Lake Garda in the Wind Riders kitesurf school. Some are used for rental and some for lessons.


None of the kites have flown on the beach so they have only been in contact with the fresh Lake Garda water.


None of the kites we sell loose air. We always change bladders or repair them. On the repairs you have a lifetime warrantee.


The same for patches in the canopy. We do not sell kites with holes. And if a kite has a patch it is written in the offer. On the patch you get again a lifetime warrantee.


We describe the condition of the kite in how many times it is used. Is the kite not like you expected, return it and get your money back. But please don’t expect a brand new kite if we describe the offer as a kite used 30 times…

Best Kiteboarding and Wind Riders offer a fair lifetime warrentee.

So if you ever have a problem just send an email with the picture of the problem to us and we tell you what we can do to you.


If you fly your kite in a tree and a line breaks it is no warrantee but we will sell you a line for the price we pay for it.