The 2015 north bar: 5 lines and quad set-up

North kiteboarding has had the best bar on the market for the last years. And luckily they haven't changed the winning concept. A big improvement 2015 quad bar compared with the 2015 quad bar is that the safely attached is to 1 front line and the kite completely flags out. The 5 line bar has the safety line of course still on the 5th line. Like last year one bar can be used for all sizes. All you to do is flip the corners of the bar in or out and you have within seconds your bar ready for a different kite size!

The North 2015 depower/ power systems works great. Simple pull is less power. Pull, move out of cleat and let it slide up is more power. It works in all situations fluently. If you like your bar to stay closer to you you move the whole depower cleat up or down depending on your wishes. This makes the North 2015 bar great for girls and children who have shorter arms. 

Safety is one of the most important aspects when selecting my own kitesurf equipment and the equipment for our Wind Riders Centers. For that reason next year only new North kites in our centers. Both the north safety systems the chickenloop and the leash release are red and work by pushing away from your body. The pressure needed is minimum and you also need no tension on the kite lines. This means it works in 100% of the situations and complies with the french norm. 

North bar chickenloop iron heart 2015
one bar for all kite sizes with North 2015
2015 north quad bar
2015 north bar