North HYDRO FOIL 2018 -PRO FOIL 5'0"

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North HYDRO FOIL 2018 -PRO FOIL 5'0"

1,199.00 1,798.00

NORTH PRO FOIL 5'0" original price 949 euro

NORTH FOIL SPEEDSTER COMBO 900 original price 849 euro

The new Pro Foil is a modern all round hydrofoil specific kiteboard suited to all riders from intermediate to expert.


-maximum comfort and control

-supreme leverage due to feel sitting deep into the deck of the board

-large bevel rails to reduce catching while going upwind

-shaped to reduce drag when you touch down from flight


-adjustable double track mounting system to accomodate a wide range of foils using 4- bolt mounting system

double concave deck shape

-three strap setup

late contact with water at maximum tilt

slider for customised performance universal fitting (all foils)

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